First blog post

Welcome to my space… my corner… my glass of wine… oh wait, that’s not right! Before the twins were born I blogged a lot. I wrote about trips taken, coffee shop stops, and my pregnancy. Somewhere along the way I lost it… Lost the time and the energy to write. The twins took up so much of my time that I lost it all… my love of shopping, wine, traveling, and decorating. Knowing I wasn’t living my fullest life I made some big changes about 1 year ago.

I began to care less about what others thought, worrying about fitting in, eating awful because it was “easiest”, and fitting into the perfect “mom mold”. I realized that if I began to concentrate on the happiness and well-being of myself and my family as my first priority then everything else would fall into place.

Joe and I revamped things! We began to concentrate on what we were putting into our bodies, began taking adventures again… some for just us and some as a family, we started enjoying local coffee shops, record stores, and bottles of wine again. In the midst of it all I lost 110lbs and my husband lost 65 (my next post will talk about how me did it). I realized I was happier and healthier!! The change really set in when negativity crept up on us. People began to say things like “When are you going to stop losing weight?”, “Aren’t you missing out on life by being so strict with what you eat?”. Other people really love to give their opinions on things don’t they? But in these opinions the change was so obvious! I didn’t care what they thought… I didn’t care what they were saying. I knew what I was doing was what was best for ME and MY FAMILY and that was all that mattered. I began to surround myself with people who were cheerleaders and my passions returned!

Over the last year I have also seen how imperfect I am as a mom. I say this knowing that I lose my temper, say things around the twins that I shouldn’t, am in no rush to potty train, and am ok with the fact that we are not brilliant. Embracing this imperfection has made me enjoy motherhood so much more! Sharing stories of my kid peeing all over the sofa and handing boogers to a stranger bring me joy! Perfectly imperfect right?

I hope to use this space as a place to share funny stories, favorite healthy recipes, decorating ideas, and must have items! Come along and enjoy the bumpy ride!




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  1. Love this!!! So proud of you and this journey!


  2. Woo Hoo! I’m so glad you’re finding your passions again and making time for what makes you happy, and makes sense for your life. Your adventures will no doubt bring joy to many readers and I, for one, look forward to hearing….errrr reading…all about them.

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