Losing a Whole Person

thinI want to start off my saying… I am not a health professional or expert. I am just a twin mom that loves chardonnay and slow drip coffee.

January 11, 2016 was the first day of a long and life changing journey. After many months of digestive issues, anxiety, and stress I finally took my doctor’s advice to change my eating. He suggested that we cut out processed food and instead focus on proteins and vegetables. I spent the first few weeks miserable and depressed.

familyfat Eating grilled chicken and veggies every night is enough to make any person lose their mind or jump off the 22nd floor of a high rise… am I right?

I knew that I couldn’t live this way. Our goal was not to crash diet but to make a lifestyle change. We wanted to do something that could last a lifetime. I began to research recipes online that were still heavy on the protein and vegetable and discovered a true love of cauliflower. I mean a deep, passionate, I can’t live a single day without you kind of love!

I made cooking fun and a family activity! We experimented with cauliflower pizza, spaghetti squash lasagna, and enchilada zucchini boats. It was truly a food adventure that we all went on together as a family. Eating soon became something that we enjoyed not because of what was on the plate but because of the journey we took to get it there! We realized we no longer lived to eat… but were eating to live and live healthy! We also discovered that our lifestyle aligned to a diet plan many people were following called Keto. This was extremely helpful to stumble upon because it now opened my eyes up to so many new ideas as I was able to search Keto websites and Instagram accounts for recipes and hacks! I will forever be thankful to those blogs and accounts 🙂

Without us even realizing it the weight began to fall off! I lost my first 40lbs within the first three months and I wasn’t starving. That was a big turning point where I saw this was a lifestyle that was doable. A lifestyle my whole family was on board with and a lifestyle that I loved.

As Christmas approached this year many people asked… “Will you cheat?”, “How can you survive the holidays without ________?”. Well I didn’t “cheat” because I view this as a diet. We ate many of our favorite holiday meal and just found replacements for items that we have now chosen not to eat. I didn’t in any way feel deprived or like I was missing out… and the best reward was coming home from the holidays and seeing that I had hit a big mark… I had lost 110lbs in under a year.


Many people ask me everyday what I am doing, how I do it, and what I eat. I plan to write a post losing off some of the items I eat in a typical day. I also plan to write some post about favorite recipes. More good stuff is to come… For now I’m off to eat some cauliflower… no really…. Im that obsessed….




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