Valentine’s Day Must Haves

The day of love, romance, wiping boogey noses, and changing poopy diapers is just around the corner…. because lets face it… being a mom never ends! Valentines’s Day is no exception.

A perk I’ve discovered while doing this whole “mother thing” is that holidays are so fun! Your kids are super excited, happiness fills the air, a lot of sweets are consumed, and everyone crashes in the end.

A few years back we began a tradition of decorating our bureau  in the family room with a holiday theme. The twins help pick out a few decorative pieces each year and as mommy consumes wine we put up all the pretty items as each holiday draws near. We have a really great set up for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day and plan to tweak and add to it as the years go on!

Since Target is like a second home to me, many items were purchased there (Man, those dollar bins are like a black hole… you just can’t get out of there without checking them out). The twins created the artwork this year (as seen on my instagram story) and we plan to replace the artwork each year with a new piece for the holiday!

We have also grabbed a few must have Valentine’s Day clothing pieces from favorite small business shops in order to be ready to celebrate! Here is a list of the few shops we love and the key pieces we will be sporting!

  1. Sandilake Clothing: I had to get Aniston and Deacon these matching Be Mine shirts! Who can resist (or want to gag) when they see a set of twins in matching shirts??!! I love the fact that they are simple but still make an adorable statement. I also had to grab myself their latest tee release… This “I’m so glad I pricked you” cacti tee speaks to my AZ born heart and I cannot wait to sport it for V-Day and beyond…


2. Lennon and Co: This bow shop is the best! They always have the perfect items needed to spice up our favorite outfits (especially at the holidays). I love the fact that I can get matching hair bow and bow tie sets for the twins and at an affordable price. Deacon was sporting a bow tie we had gotten for the Christmas season that is still perfect for Valentine’s Day (as a twin mom I am always looking for things that can be used multiple times and ways).




Creating traditions and gathering holiday items/clothing is my favorite thing about having a family of my own. Sometimes we get it right… like the idea of decorating this bureau and having the kids get involved or buying the cutest Valentines Day gear from the best small business shops…. Sometimes we get it wrong… like the black paint I allowed the twins to use for their artwork (I think I will find it in Aniston’s hair for days…). But, in the end… we’re all just doing the best we can!


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